An international strategy

International relations are a central dimension of our Institute and they nourish our academic, scientific and industrial partnerships in depth and on a long-term basis. They are based on a search for synergy between training, research and innovation that feeds into the strategic structuring of our international cooperation and stimulates the mobility of students and staff alike.

INSA Toulouse trains engineers capable of sharing their scientific and technical knowledge and skills in an international and intercultural context, whether they are based in France or abroad. Our engineering students benefit from high quality scientific teaching, closely combined with teaching in the human and social sciences, which prepares them to grasp different societal issues on a national and international level. The ability of our students to evolve with ease in an international context is reinforced by a compulsory academic stay (1 semester minimum) or internship (16 weeks minimum) abroad during their studies.

In order to nurture and develop its international partnerships, INSA Toulouse relies on a service comprising more than 30 people (academics and administrative staff): the International Relations Office staff, but also IR correspondents in the pre-orientations and departments, coordinators of international programmes (Asinsa, Iberinsa, Norginsa, Enginsa, n+i,…), staff attached to the International Relations Office, regional project managers and those in charge of the Masters of Science programmes which are more specifically aimed at foreign students.

To date, INSA Toulouse has developed partnerships with more than 200 foreign partner universities in some 50 countries, either directly or with UFTMiP or the INSA Group.