Campus life

The INSA Toulouse campus is spread over 22ha and welcomes around 2,500 students. At the very centre of the campus, you will find a lovely park, the university restaurant, the library (called “Bib’INSA”), a sport field with a gym and lots of student associations.

The library is a well-known place where students can come and study in a quiet environment, read, borrow some books, book a study room for group works and have an easy access to electronic resources.

The student association called “Fabric’INSA” is also located on the INSA Toulouse campus. It is a lively place where students can share their ideas and build projects thanks to a large variety of facilities : 3D printer, laser cutting machine, electronic and mechanic area, etc. All students are free to come to this place to create their project, which are often done in partnership with companies.

The Amicale des Élèvesis the official INSA Toulouse student association. It supports students all along their studies at INSA Toulouse through a range of services and social activities. It brings together all the student clubs dedicated to sports, dance, games, music, crafts, cinema, cultural and artistic activities, etc.

Restaurants, cinemas, museums and theatres are very close to INSA Toulouse campus and it only takes between 15 and 20 minutes to reach the city center (taking the underground). Numerous outdoor and free activities are regularly organized by the city council of Toulouse, all along the year : World Music Day, carnivals, festivals, national day, Christmas market, Toulouse plage (beach in Toulouse, during summer), etc. If you like nature, you will for sure find other activities that better suit your tastes : the INSA Toulouse campus is located near the Canal du Midi (a river built during the 17th century that connects Toulouse to the Mediterranean Sea). This shipping lane has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1996. The Canal’s riverbanks, which you can only reach by foot or bike, are therefore an idyllic place to walk by and enjoy.

On the INSA Toulouse campus, you can benefit from a cafeteria and a restaurant with attractive prices for students. Every day, around 1,800 meals are served and the cafeteria is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you live in a student hall and prefer cooking your own meal, collective kitchens are available.

Tisseo is the company in charge of public transportation in Toulouse (bus, metro and tram lines). The network consists in two metro lines, two tram lines and a vast bus network that covers the entire city and the suburbs. The INSA Toulouse campus is close to the B metro line and several bus lines. An annual subscription will cost around e 100 for students with an unlimited access to the entire transportation network. Upon arrival, Asian students from the ASINSA programme are given a personal card valid for one month and can reuse it for the rest of their stay if they add credit to it. Public city bikes are also available with a special subscription (e 20 per year, for students).

The R1 student hall of residence is located at the heart of the INSA Toulouse campus. Over 220 student accommodations are offered and prices are between €200 and €300/month.

Asian students from the ASINSA programme are given a priority if they want to get an accommodation in this residence.

Double-degree and exchange students can not access the R1 residency.

UPDATE : the R1 residency will be under renovation for 2022/2023, no room available.

Other residencies

INSA Toulouse also proposes more than 1,400 student accommodations in 7 residences are available on campus (or within 10mn walking distance). The rent is between €370 and €450. For more information, see Promologis.

If you are looking for a room at the CROUS (outside the INSA campus), because of the limited number of available rooms, send us an email, we will see what we can do (but know that we CANNOT GUARANTEE a place at the CROUS).

Students may also rent private accommodations in shared flats, individual flats or studios in the city centre or close to the campus. The Welcome Desk (University of Toulouse) gives you plenty of useful tips to find a place to stay.

Here a few example of private housing solution : 

Finally, you can ask for a Toul’Box, an all-in-one service (managed by the University of Toulouse) helping you before and during you arrival in Toulouse. Price : from €70 to €230 approx.


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Useful phone numbers :

  • For an emergency, call the number “15” (ie. SAMU)
  • Not life-threatening, but still urgent, call “SOS Médecins” : 05 61 33 00 00
  • INSA’s welcome desk : call “7” (internal phone) or 05 61 55 05 13

When you register at INSA Toulouse, you must have social security (it’s free ! See our FAQ “How to register for social security?) since this subscription is mandatory for all students. This insurance allows you to be reimbursed when you pay for health care (visit to the doctor’s, hospitalization, emergency…). In addition to this mandatory insurance, we recommend you to subscribe a complementary healthcare insurance (called “mutuelle”). This is totally optional but in case you need to see a specialized practitioner (dentist, optician), this complement will cover your health expenses. Be careful to choose one that corresponds to your needs because the subscription and conditions may vary from one to another.

Click here to know more about the social security.

Nurse :

The first goal for the nurse is to ensure first aid and following up the students. Indeed, a medical visit is mandatory for every student in year 1. The nurse is also in charge of organizing prevention action plans and activities: blood donation day, information on contraception, etc. She plays an essential role and is here to provide students and staff with advice. She works in collaboration with administrative staff, professors, the social worker and other health-care providers while guaranteeing professional secrecy.

Contact: Marlène GEIGER, 05 61 55 98 98 /  / Where ? Ground floor of the “Résidence 2”
Opening hours : Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8.30 to 12.30 and from 13.30 to 18.30, Wednesday from 8.00 to 11.30

Social worker :

The social worker is here to listen to students and staff. She is able to give advice and provide information regarding their legal rights, their personal situation (family, social or financial troubles, etc.). The goal of the social worker is to fight indifference, disregard and isolation, in order for students to fully enjoy their life at INSA Toulouse.

Contact : Laure BENOIT, Social worker – –
Opening hours: Monday and Wednesday: 10am-6pm; Tuesday: 11am-7pm; Thursday: 9am-5pm; Friday: 9am-2:30pm

Special needs

INSA Toulouse has a dedicated unit for students with special needs (disabilities, …). It takes care of pedagogical adjustments for instance. If you are planning on studying at INSA Toulouse a need an advise or if you need special adjustments of physical conveniences, it is important that you contact us early because possible adaptations may take time.

Contact : Véronique TORREGROSSA : Tel. 05 61 55 95 08 / 95 97 or email :

University of Toulouse – Common health service 
The SIMPPS is a social and medical service exclusively dedicated to students.
At the SIMPPS you can consult a nurse, a doctor, a psychologist, a nutritionist or a sexologist.
Consultations are free and confidential.
Find out here how to contact the service and book an appointment within your university.

The University of Toulouse built the “Accueil – Welcome Desk” to guide and help students settling in Toulouse : housing, health, residence permits, transport, mobility, art and culture on campus, support for student initiatives… 

In addition, partners like the “Préfecture” (dealing with the visa) or the “CAF” (Caisse d’Allocations Familiales / Family Allocation Office) have permanent offices at the Welcome Desk. 

A multilingual team answers your questions, advises you and helps you with all your administrative procedures.

More information :

The administrative staffs at INSA’s International Relation office are also there to provide guidance (see our contact page if needed).