Double Degree

Why a Double Diploma ?

Under a specific agreement, endorsed by the boards of both institutions, the DD is a double course whose objectives are the national diplomas in both countries.

The DD experience is often related to keywords like opening minds, autonomy, creative ability, adaptability, which are essential in international engineers thinking processes and personalities. This training offers, in terms of jobs, salaries and career, very interesting benefits. It is a privileged and strategic path: it prepares for successful integration into the international economic organizations of both countries.

The course, about 6 months longer than the standard engineer curriculum, aims to ensure that students from the INSA acquire a recognized international dimension, allowing them to simultaneously get diplomas of INSA and the foreign partner university. 

The DD also aims to give students a good knowledge of language and culture of the partner country.

DD students must be aware that the mobility scheme varies according to the partner institution and that they must attend the same classes as INSA students during their mobility at INSA Toulouse.

Who can apply for a Double Diploma ?

You can only apply for a Double Degree mobility if your institution has signed a Double Degree Agreement (DD) with INSA Toulouse. You will find below the institutions that have such an agreement with INSA Toulouse.

How to apply ?

To apply, simply follow the steps available by clicking on the following image: