Eiffel scholarships

INSA Toulouse can submit an application for an EIFFEL Excellence Scholarship (Master’s or Doctorate level) on behalf of foreign students of excellence coming to obtain either the INSA Toulouse Engineering degree (Master’s level), or a master‘s or doctoral degree.

Please note: no Eiffel scholarship can be requested for a specialized Master’s degree.

This application will be submitted exclusively on behalf of foreign students previously selected according to the following specific process:

1/ Candidates must officially submit, between November 1st and November 30th 2020 on eCandidatan application file composed of the following documents:

  • A curriculum vitae in French or English (2 pages maximum) indicating, if applicable, the diplomas obtained and dates of graduation
  • A letter of motivation, in French or English, addressed to the International Relations Department, mentioning the training course to which the student wishes to apply and presenting the professional project (2 pages maximum).
  • All transcripts since entering higher education
  • An official document (stamped and signed by the head of the home institution) indicating the size of the class and the applicant’s rank
  • Photocopy of passport or identity card
  • A language certificate or diploma (if applicable)
  • One or two letters of recommendation
  • Any other document useful for evaluating the motivation and the academic level of the candidate
  • Doctoral students‘ applications must also include :
    • A presentation of the thesis project and the progress of the research, in French or English (5 pages maximum)
    • The global financing plan of the thesis
    • The co-supervision agreement or an attestation of co-direction signed by the French and foreign parties (in case of co-direction, attach a letter co-signed by the 2 directors)
    • The summary of the HCERES assessment of the laboratory/host team (extract, 4 pages maximum)

2/ The file will then be forwarded to the responsible person(s) for examination. An interview may be proposed to the candidates.

Applications that are incomplete, sent after the deadline or do not comply with the procedure will not be examined and candidates will not receive any response from INSA Toulouse.

To make sure that you meet all the requirements, please consult the Campus France website and the Eiffel Programme guide. Please note that only one application can be submitted for a given candidate. If two different institutions submit the same candidate’s file, this file will be automatically eliminated.


If you have an inquiry and don’t find an answer on our website, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Email : bourse-eiffel@insa-toulouse.fr