INSA engineering degree

INSA Toulouse offers a 5-year training course, with progressive specialisation, in order to obtain the engineering diploma, conferring the degree of Master.

Admissions are possible from the 1st to the 4th year, and the choice of an international course of study for the 1st year is possible, offering an in-depth cultural and linguistic opening compared to the classical curriculum.

Admission possible in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th years outside the international track.

INSA Toulouse has worked in close collaboration with players of the industrial world to propose a training model in line with the expectations of companies.

This has ensured that INSA engineers:

  • have a solid and practical scientific background
  • are able to communicate
  • receive instruction at the interface of several disciplines
  • work easily as a team.

The training at INSA Toulouse is:

  • an active pedagogy, with learning by problem and by project. Pedagogy centred on the student to stimulate his desire to learn and his autonomy.
  • 8 specialities offered in the 4th and 5th year, but also 5 multidisciplinary cross-curricular courses (PTP) offered in the 5th year on various themes: Safety and engineering management, Energy, Urban engineering, Innovative smart systems, Computer security.
  • Training backed by research: INSA is strongly involved in the research policy of the Toulouse site within the Federal University Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées, and thus :
    • has laboratories attached to each speciality department
    • benefits from the supervision of teacher-researchers and researchers carrying out dynamic research activities within internationally recognised units (CNRS, INRA, MESRI)
    • has set up a research training programme for all engineering students, throughout the five years of training.
  • Strong links with industry:
    • 17% of the courses taught by professionals
    • Compulsory internships in companies
    • Specific courses (management, management, business creation…).
    • Regular events allowing a closer relationship with industry.
  • An opening on the world:
    • 24% of students are international students
    • 1 compulsory one-semester stay abroad (for an internship or for studies)

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International programme in partnership with Asian countries

ASINSA prepares French and Asian students for the internationalization of the engineering profession by enabling them to understand, during their studies, the reciprocal cultures of their future industrial partners.

ASINSA’s international program aims to provide Asian students with a high-level engineering education in a French cultural context. By studying in the heart of Europe, these students will integrate into European culture and will thus be prepared for international careers.

Beyond cultural openness, ASINSA offers Asian students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the French language, and French students the opportunity to learn the Chinese language.

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International program in partnership with Spanish-speaking countries

IBERINSA is a program open to Spanish- and French-speaking students who wish to follow a multidisciplinary engineering curriculum.

In the 1st year, 40% of the courses are taught in Spanish and 60% in French. The program includes scientific courses, management and professional communication, and is designed to engage students in addressing international and intercultural issues.

From the 2nd year onwards, students join the classic engineering curriculum and continue their training in French, with the possibility of doing internships or mobility for international studies.

  • Prerequisites:
      • level B1 (or equivalent) in French
      • level B1 (or equivalent) in Spanish

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Programa internacional creado en colaboración con países de habla hispana

IBERINSA es un programa diseñado para estudiantes de habla hispana y francesa que deseen seguir un plan de estudios multidisciplinario de ingeniería.

Durante el primer año, el 40% de los cursos se imparten en español y el 60% en francés. El plan de estudios incluye cursos científicos, de administración y comunicación profesional, y está concebido para que los estudiantes desarrollen un espíritu crítico sobre aspectos internacionales e interculturales.

A partir del segundo año, los estudiantes se incorporan al plan de estudios clásico de ingeniería y prosiguen su formación en francés, con la posibilidad de realizar prácticas y movilidad a nivel internacional.
  • Prerrequisitos:
      • nivel B1 (o equivalente) en francés
      • nivel B1 (o equivalente) en español


Courses dedicated to English-speaking or bilingual English/French students The ENGINSA programme started in September 2018. It is aimed at English-speaking or bilingual students who wish to embark on a demanding multidisciplinary training programme and eventually envisage becoming executive engineers or managers in an international context. From the 2nd year onwards, students join the classic engineering curriculum and follow their training in French, with the possibility of carrying out internships or mobility for international study.
  • Prerequisites:
      • level C1 (or equivalent) in English
      • level B1 (or equivalent) in French
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International programme in partnership with Norway Norginsa is a high level engineering education for Norwegian students leading in five years to the INSA engineering degree with the Master’s degree. Students who wish to continue their studies in Norway or in another country obtain a Bachelor degree after three years of validated studies. Creation of Norginsa The training of Norwegian engineers at INSA Toulouse began in September 1990, at the request of Norwegian authorities (ministries and universities). Norway wanted a specific programme to reduce the difficulties encountered by Norwegian students in France, particularly in the linguistic field, in the teaching of mathematics and because of teaching methods that were more theoretical than pragmatic. The training should remain limited to 5 years, i.e. without any increase in duration compared to the usual curriculum. INSA Toulouse, at the request of Norway, responded to this request by creating the Norginsa programme. Further information For more information on recruitment, the curriculum, specific activities, the cost of studies, the Norginsa section balance sheet, please click here. Responsible in Norway: Hege Fjeld Pb. 1093, N-5811 Bergen Visiting address : Fortunen 1 , 5013 Bergen Tel : 55 30 38 00 Contact :