ASINSA programme at INSA Toulouse

The ASINSA programme offered at INSA Toulouse corresponds to the original 1st year of engineering, except that the teaching methods and some of the courses are especially adapted to Asian students and to prevent some of the difficulties
that these students may have.

  • A group of 24 students, half Asian, half French
  • French students enrolled in the ASINSA programme must demonstrate an interest for the Asian culture (some of them may undertake Mandarin language classes) in order to facilitate integration and consistency within the group.
  • A teacher, also tutor, is here to manage any difficulty that the students may find in their daily life
  • Adapted teaching materials
  • A curriculum divided into classes, seminars, lab work and taught by experienced teachers
  • French classes are mandatory for Asian students (instead of English or Spanish), 6h per week
  • An individual follow up if needed
  • Individual professional follow up all along the 5 years of the Engineering path

The ASINSA programme is only offered for the first year of Engineering. As of the 2nd year, the ASINSA group is integrated into the original student promotion in order for students to become more autonomous. Nevertheless, Asian students keep on receiving a professional follow up until the end of their studies (tutoring sessions, administrative support, housing, internships, etc.).
From the year 1 to 5, all classes are taught in French only. For a better understanding as quickly as possible, Asian students must follow a intensive French language course, before the academic year starts.

ASINSA students who passed successfully the 1st year will continue in 2nd year in the pre-orientation that they will have chosen . They will follow all the classes just like the French students, with an exception made for language classes since the Asian students will continue to perfect their French. If needed, they can ask for an individual tutoring to help them with scientific classes. After these three years of pre-specialization, they will reach a level of Bachelor and continue in 4th year in one of the eight specializations offered at INSA Toulouse. Once the two years of specialization are over and if they succeed in passing all the requirements, they will receive the INSA Toulouse engineering degree, internationally recognized as equivalent to a Master degree. Every time at the end of the academic calendar, a jury examines the student’s situation and decides if he or she passes to the next year.


Enroll in ASINSA programme in Toulouse

The candidate must have graduated from high school or be in possession of a certificateof entrance in a scientific university of his/her residential country. The selection is made following these three criteria :

  • The academic record and especially the grades in mathematics, physics and chemistry obtained during the two years
    before the diploma and the year of the graduation.
  • Whenever it is possible and appropriate, an individual interview with an INSA teacher will be organized in the student’s country, in French OR in English. This interview will allow the jury to evaluate the candidate’s motivation and see if his/her expectations cope with the engineering curriculum proposed by the INSA Group.
  • Whenever it is possible and appropriate, a mathematics test, organized on the day of the interview, to evaluate the
    student’s real level in mathematics.

RECOMMENDATION: The candidate must have followed at least 300 hours of French classes before his/her arrival in France. The French consular services demand a certain level in French in order to deliver a VISA, which might be evaluated during an individual interview. A French test will also be organized as the student arrives at INSA Toulouse.

Chinese candidates might be exempted from graduate the “GaoKao” if they enroll at INSA. However, this exemption is not always conceded and depends on the French consular authorities.

The selection and recruitment process is common to the entire INSA network. You must apply online on two different
websites :

  • Studies In France (EN). This is an administrative application especially dedicated to foreign students that
    aims to facilitate the administrative process (VISA applications, getting in touch with consular services, etc.)
  • INSA Group website, for your application in one of the INSA institutes (EN).

The jury, composed of several teachers from the INSA Group, publishes a raking of the students who have been selected to enrol the INSA Group. According to their wishes, the students will be assigned to one INSA institutes. The prerequisites needed to undertake the ASINSA programme might be different depending on the INSA institute.

The academic calendar for 2023-2024 recruitment session is as followed :

For Chinese candidates, an individual interview and a mathematics test will be organized between end of november / beginning of december

The selection of French students willing to enrol the ASINSA programme is based on the quality of their application and motivation. They must send a résumé and a cover letter to the ASINSA responsible after being selected to study at INSA Toulouse.

INSA is a public engineering school that depends on the administrative supervision of the French Higher Education and Research Ministry. Even though a certain portion of the tuition fees are financed by the state, part of the registration fee is paid by the student:

  • €5,100 for the first year (including application fees, national registration fees, specific fees* ans French Language / FLE summer school)
The student has additional costs to be expected:
  • CVEC fees
  • VISA fees
  • Mutuelle (complementary health insurance)
  • Accommodation expenses
  • Transportation costs
  • Catering fees
* Specific fees include French as a Foreign Language courses, personalized tutoring, events and special courses.

Obtaining a VISA to study in France depends on the French consulate’s will in your country. You should ask directly the French consulate or embassy if you need more information. Being accepted at INSA Toulouse does not necessarily mean that you will get a VISA. Indeed, the majority of consular services organize an interview with the future student in
order to check if she/he meets all the requirements (French level, financial resources, etc.).

Once the student arrives in France, she/he must comply with the administrative rules that apply in France, that is to say : open a bank account , get home insurance and civil liability insurance, subscribe to the health care insurance for students, register at the INSA Toulouse registration service, get a medical certificate, choose you general practitioner, provide an official translation of your birth certificate and ask for a resident permit to the Préfecture (general administration). The staff of INSA Toulouse will help the students all along this administrative process.
Minimum age to open a bank account : 18 years old (French legal majority)

Walter Escoffier & Mathieu Pierre
Asinsa coordinators