Summer schools

Our spring and summer courses propose a wide variety of scientific topics in relation with our Engineering Bachelor and Master Programs.

Our ambition is to contribute to the major societal challenges of tomorrow (Energy transition, industrial renewal, digital transition, sustainable development, transport [aeronautics, trains, automotive], mobility and urban systems…), by adapted educational programs in relation with our associated Research Laboratories.

The essential set to ease your installation in Toulouse !

Settling down in a new city to study or complete a research program is an extremely enriching experience that can also be stressful and complicated when we don’t have a single clue about the area, the mandatory formalities, the habits or the customs. In order to ease your arrival and make your installation stress free, we will help you find a residence for the length of your stay with us, either on campus or in the city. Our campus is only 15 minutes away by metro from the city centre!

Also, the University of Toulouse provides you with a personalized reception service, very complete and specifically created to allow you to easily get acquainted with your new environment and anticipate your steps at the very most. Several packages available for international students and researchers: a welcome pack, a housing pack, a language courses pack, an airport/train station pack. A complete set of tools for the students and researchers who are looking to easily settle in Toulouse!